Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Toddler chores

Emmalynn is a little over 2 and in the last few months i have been having her help around the house more.

Clear her dishes
After all meals and snacks bug dumps the uneaten food in the trash and then puts her plate, bowl, and silver wear in the sink.

Put dirty laundry in the laundry room
Any time i change Emmalynn's clothes she has to take the dirty ones to the laundry room

Pick up her toys
Before bed i have her help me clean the play area and put the toys away.

Pick up trash around the house 
We walk around and look for any stray trash in the house and pick it up.

Help sweep
For Christmas after she turned one she got a play broom and mop she has since gotten really good at sweeping and now helps me sweep the kitchen and bathroom.

Switch laundry
Emmalynn loves throwing laundry into the dryer and shutting the door.

Put laundry away
She helps me carry laundry to the different rooms and then will help put it in her dresser.

Do your toddlers help you around the house? If so what do you have them help with and do they enjoy it?

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