Friday, February 15, 2013

5 Ways to show you Child you love them

1. Spend time with them
I mean real one on one time put the phone and other electronics away and do something they love. Maybe you daughter loves dancing or your son love playing with Legos. Just spend a half an hour giving them all you attention and doing that activity.
2. Listen to them when they talk.
Really listen and focus on just them not on anything else. Get down at there level or scoop them into your arms and just let them tell you anything they want to tell you. You may be really surprised by what you hear and how much they enjoy even short 5 minute conversations when your really plugged into them
3.Put them First
I know this one sounds simple but is it really? Did you work over time last week and then spend Saturday night out with your husband or friends for the forth weekend in the row? The little bit of time you had at home with your children were you busy doing other stuff why they played alone? If so next weekend plan a special day with your kids, go to the zoo or the movies, and maybe even a special dinner.You  and you children will love the time you spent together and it might give them just a little more patience when you need 5 minutes to fishing that report for work. Plus you will have made some wonderful memories.
4.Know whats going on in their life
I think this is especially important once you children are school age and older. Ask you kids about school, friends,bullies, what they are learning in school. Just know what is going on with them. Did you daughter and her not spend the weekend together for the first time in months ask why. Chances are  she need your advice and support with what ever is going on.
5.Don't Judge or compare them to anyone
Your children should be able to come to you with out the fear of being judged or compared to anyone. If you have more then one  child don't compare you  youngest  to you older to they are all different and have different strengths and weaknesses different likes and dislikes. Just because you  daughter Suzy liked riding bikes and had had a 4.0 doesn't meant that Jane will too.

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