Monday, November 19, 2012

Top 10 reasons extended rear facing is for us

Some of these will be funny and some serious.
1. It's 5 times safer to leave a toddler rfing until the max of your seat.
2. On long car rides miss bug will sleep (forward facing she won't)
3. She can't kick my seat if she's rear facing.She just kicks her own
4. It protects her neck and spine.
5. When I go through drive through I don't have to share. I can a hand her a healthy snack and drink my coffee in peace!
6. I have never had a toy chucked at my head. Tho she has chucked them at people in the 3rd row (sorry guys)
7. She can see everything we see just after we pass it.
8. I can easily hand stuff to her i just reach back without looking and she takes it.
9. She looks so comfy especially when shes all cuddled in with a movie and blanket for long car rides
10. Her legs are supported and not just dangling
These are not in any order and yes she has forward faced in her dads car a few times because the car seat will not install correctly rear facing.  Emmalynn will be 2 on November 21st is 3feet tall and 30lbs she is still comfortably rear facing and will continue to be until she has outgrown her seat.
Emmalynn Rfing at 17ms