Monday, January 6, 2014

2014 Goals

1. Read 4 books a month for a total of 48 books this year. 

2. Sew for myself not just the children

3. Eat more healthy, make more meals at home and eat out less. 

4. Have a weekly family game night

5. Don't stress the small stuff

6. Spend more time disconnected from electronics

Lets see how many of these goals I complete this year. I am looking forward to a great very positive year with my family. 

2013 Goal recap

1. Spend less time online
I did okay with this over the last year. I have tried really hard to spend more time with my daughter and husband and enjoy my pregnancy. 

2. Eat healthier
I did really good with this until I
 got pregnant and my HG worse. Then I just started eating what ever I could keep down.

3. Start exercising more
Just like the last goal I did pretty good and then I got pregnant and got HG again. With that happening I have not had the energy or strength to exercise like I wanted to. 

4. Try to be more positive:)
This one was pretty easy after my life was what I wanted it to be and I didn't feel controlled and afraid all the time. 

5. Read at least 30 books 100 Books
I honestly don't know how many books I read this year but I am pretty sure it's between 60-80 not quite to my 100 book goal but way over my 30 book goal I originally made.

6. Potty Train Bug 
Tho I wouldn't say emmalynn is fully potty trained she is day trained and stays dry at nap and bed time 80% of the time. I am perfectly happy with that. Considering at the beginning of December she was still wearing diapers all the time. 

7. Get rid of the clutter and things we don't need
With moving so many time I have gotten rid of quite a few things and we are starting over. It's a nice change tho I have more stuff to go through.

8. Blog More
I failed at this goal and I know that. I want to blog but I rarely know what to write about any more. 

9. Do more preschool type activity's with Bug
We did pretty good with this one. She has learned so much this year. 

10. Start sewing for me and not just for Bug
I haven't sewn since July because of moving and having no where to sew or any fabric to sew with.