Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dressers are heavy espically to a toddler

About a week ago Emmalynn was laying down for her rest and i was opening a package we had gotten in the mail. I was glad that she was quite and  had my lunch in the oven and the all of a sudden i hear a crash that sent me running to her room. My sweet little girl had managed to pull the dresser on her self. It took all the strength i had to get it up enough to get her out and a phone call to my brother to have him stand it back up. She had no injury's other then a black eye and a few other bruises from the stuff on the top of the dresser falling on her head. A few of her toys were under the dresser on the ground holding it about 4inches off the ground i know this was her saving grace and had she not made a mess before pulling the dresser on her self I am sure that she would have been hurt. We have since anchored the dresser to the wall and am only writing this now because I don't want any other mother to go through the fear I experienced because we didn't think about attaching the dresser to the wall. Empty Emmalynn dresser is 115lbs(empty and it was full) she is 30lbs so i know it could have hurt her badly.

Mother, Aunts, Grandmas, or anyone with a toddler in you life please urge parents to anchor heavy stuff to the wall. We used these .
helping anchor the dresser to the wall:)

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Toddler Activitys this week

Pom Pom pushing: Small container with a hole big enough for pom poms to fit through with a little force. Emmalynn Loves this she will  play with it for 20-30 minutes at a time
Christmas movie with popcorn and hot coco

Coins in to Piggy Bank: This is just a cheap bank i got from Dollar tree i think with a bunch of change for her to put in it. She will also play with this for at least 20minutes
Christmas Count down with books: 24 wrapped books she gets one every day  up to Christmas
Visiting Santa

Watching a Movie on the i pad: She was finishing her movie that she had watched in the car on out drive that morning
Red Bead sensory bin: Small Plastic bin with red beads for playing it. Her facorite thing was to drop them like in the above pictue

Drawing on the Easel: Our easel is from ikea. She loves drawing at this thing and will stay at it for a while

This is not everything we did this last week. It would be way to much to post all the activity's we did.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Hyperemesis Gravidarum is not morning sickness

posted as my Facebook status today

"Princess Kate and Prince William are pregnant, congrats to them! Kate is also suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) which is a debilitating and potentially life-threatening pregnancy disease marked by rapid weight loss, malnutrition, and dehydration due to unrelenting nausea and/or vomiting with potential adverse consequences for the newborn(s). As many news outlets, including The View, have
said it is "just morning sickness". Tell that to women like me that have been in the hospital more than a dozen times, had all kinds of IVs and PICC lines done, been on every medicine under the moon for nausea, and nothing works. Tell that the women who have suffered 1 or more miscarriages due to HG. Tell that to the spouses that are left behind because HG took both their baby and its mother. Tell that to the women who think they are crazy because not all doctors will even acknowledge it and tell them that it is in their head!!" - From an HG support group 

Clip from the view this morning. 

I am lucky to be sitting her and writting this today. I survived HG  and so did my perfect little girl she is now a healthy and happy 2 year old. I know that others are not as lucky and am thankful everyday that i was. HG is a very real and life threatening condition. The worst part is most doctor's are clueless about how to treat HG.

By calling Hyperemesis Gravidarum Morning sickness you are greatly underminding how heartbreaking it really is. Check you facts a great resource is

Monday, November 19, 2012

Top 10 reasons extended rear facing is for us

Some of these will be funny and some serious.
1. It's 5 times safer to leave a toddler rfing until the max of your seat.
2. On long car rides miss bug will sleep (forward facing she won't)
3. She can't kick my seat if she's rear facing.She just kicks her own
4. It protects her neck and spine.
5. When I go through drive through I don't have to share. I can a hand her a healthy snack and drink my coffee in peace!
6. I have never had a toy chucked at my head. Tho she has chucked them at people in the 3rd row (sorry guys)
7. She can see everything we see just after we pass it.
8. I can easily hand stuff to her i just reach back without looking and she takes it.
9. She looks so comfy especially when shes all cuddled in with a movie and blanket for long car rides
10. Her legs are supported and not just dangling
These are not in any order and yes she has forward faced in her dads car a few times because the car seat will not install correctly rear facing.  Emmalynn will be 2 on November 21st is 3feet tall and 30lbs she is still comfortably rear facing and will continue to be until she has outgrown her seat.
Emmalynn Rfing at 17ms

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pumpkin hand print art

Every year I made some kind is card to send to my grandparents because they life to far to go visit. This year I made a card with a pumpkin on the front the pumpkin is emmalynns palm print.
Making this was simple and would be rally cute as apples as well.

What I did
Painted emmalynns palm
Pressed it firmly on to folded car stock
Let dry
Carefully added the stem, face and words
Then mailed it off to my grand parents.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Toddle Along Tuesday ~ favorite toddler toys

Bug is 22months so we are fully into toddler hood.
Her favorite toddler toys are...
She has more then just those but that all i could find at the moment.
This is most of her babies I think we are missing one or two
She also has a stroller and car seat for her babies
We have books all over our house for her and she almsot always has one with her.
The ipad or my iphone

Sunday, April 22, 2012

16 & pregnant and carseat safety

A few nights ago a mom friend posted this picture on her face book and i was horrified when i saw it.
It is taken of her TV while she was watching 16 and pregnant. As you can tell the baby is improperly buckled into the car seat.
This is not only illegal but also extremely unsafe in the event of a car accident this baby could be ejected from her seat causing life threating injurys or death.

I have since went through all the other episodes of 16 and pregnant from this season. Sadly most the infants are buckled in imporoperly. By doing so they are putting the child at risk everytime they are in the car.  

A little carseat safty leason
The chest clip should be on the chest thing even with the arm pits
The straps should fit snug on baby
You should not be able to pinch webbing on the childs should your fingers should slide off
Picture borrowed from Britax, no copyright infringement intended.
For rear facing the straps should be AT or BELOW the top the infants shoulder.
Picture borrowed from, no copyright infringement intended.
Puffy jackets shoulf never be worn in carseats

Car seat safty should always be taken sersiously!
Its your childs life that is put a risk so please do the research and keep that baby safe!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Extened rear facing

When emmalynn was born it was a no brainer to put her rear facing(its the law) at the time i planned on switching her to forward facing at 1 year and the weight requirment. But then i started to do some research and learned that its up to 5 times safer for a child to rear face until the age of 2. Even after 2 its still safer for a child to rear face.
 I have talked to lots of moms and those that switched at a year always have a reason. I have heard some of the folowing and more.
My child is tall it jsut looks uncomfortable. My daughter is in the 95% for height she is tall and just fine.
My child crys the who time they are in the car seat rear facing. Emmalynn crys as well but i give her a toy or a book
Her feet are touching the seat and i am worried a broken leg. "there is not a single documented case of children's legs, hips, etc. breaking or being injured in a crash due to longer rear-facing. There are plenty of cases of head and neck injury in forward-facing children that could have been prevented if the child had remained rear-facing. However, even if a leg or hip were broken or injured, it can be fixed. A damaged spinal cord (from forward-facing too soon) cannot be repaired and subjects the child to lifelong disability or death." {from}
But all of those are just EXCUSES!!

Please do the research beofre you switch your child!
What you would rather happen if your child is in a car wreck
Forward facing crash test

Rear facing crash test
Rear facing is safer
Emmalynn Rear facing at 16.5 Months in a Graco myride 65

she is upset that she has to be in the car seat