Sunday, April 22, 2012

16 & pregnant and carseat safety

A few nights ago a mom friend posted this picture on her face book and i was horrified when i saw it.
It is taken of her TV while she was watching 16 and pregnant. As you can tell the baby is improperly buckled into the car seat.
This is not only illegal but also extremely unsafe in the event of a car accident this baby could be ejected from her seat causing life threating injurys or death.

I have since went through all the other episodes of 16 and pregnant from this season. Sadly most the infants are buckled in imporoperly. By doing so they are putting the child at risk everytime they are in the car.  

A little carseat safty leason
The chest clip should be on the chest thing even with the arm pits
The straps should fit snug on baby
You should not be able to pinch webbing on the childs should your fingers should slide off
Picture borrowed from Britax, no copyright infringement intended.
For rear facing the straps should be AT or BELOW the top the infants shoulder.
Picture borrowed from, no copyright infringement intended.
Puffy jackets shoulf never be worn in carseats

Car seat safty should always be taken sersiously!
Its your childs life that is put a risk so please do the research and keep that baby safe!

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