Friday, April 20, 2012

Extened rear facing

When emmalynn was born it was a no brainer to put her rear facing(its the law) at the time i planned on switching her to forward facing at 1 year and the weight requirment. But then i started to do some research and learned that its up to 5 times safer for a child to rear face until the age of 2. Even after 2 its still safer for a child to rear face.
 I have talked to lots of moms and those that switched at a year always have a reason. I have heard some of the folowing and more.
My child is tall it jsut looks uncomfortable. My daughter is in the 95% for height she is tall and just fine.
My child crys the who time they are in the car seat rear facing. Emmalynn crys as well but i give her a toy or a book
Her feet are touching the seat and i am worried a broken leg. "there is not a single documented case of children's legs, hips, etc. breaking or being injured in a crash due to longer rear-facing. There are plenty of cases of head and neck injury in forward-facing children that could have been prevented if the child had remained rear-facing. However, even if a leg or hip were broken or injured, it can be fixed. A damaged spinal cord (from forward-facing too soon) cannot be repaired and subjects the child to lifelong disability or death." {from}
But all of those are just EXCUSES!!

Please do the research beofre you switch your child!
What you would rather happen if your child is in a car wreck
Forward facing crash test

Rear facing crash test
Rear facing is safer
Emmalynn Rear facing at 16.5 Months in a Graco myride 65

she is upset that she has to be in the car seat

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