Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Sooner then expected

A month ago I got some shocking news way sooner then I expected. My husband was coming home in just a few days over 2 months sooner then I had expected. This unexpected change in time has made life a little interesting. We are currently living with my daughters dad. This was not originally the plan and its been tough the last 3.5 weeks. I am loving having my husband back in my arms and Bug loves having her daddy here. For those of you who are wondering she took to calling him daddy all on her own we tried to have her call him daddy James but she wasn't having it and calls Chris dad or Chris depending on what's going on. As far as I know neither of her dads have a problem with what they are being called. 

Emmalynn loves having James home. She has became his little shadow and is always wanting him to be the one to do stuff for her. It's the sweetest thing to watch. She is constantly telling him she loves him and telling me that he is hers. I will joke with her and tell her the he is mine and she always ways says no mommy he's my daddy. He loves that little girl and its apparent to anyone who has seen them together.  She is a lucky little girl to have two dads that love and care about her. 

As far as stuff with James and me it feels like we were never apart and I love it. I fall asleep in his arms most nights or with him in mine. We are planning to renew our vows with in the next 2 years. With our 5th wedding anniversary quickly approaching on June 21st it's been something that I have spent a ton of time thinking about. We have decided we are going to treat it more like a 2nd wedding then just a vow renewal. Very few things have been decided for it other then we both want it to happen outside, we want to use the color purple, and daisies for flowers. 

In other news my laptops screen has went out so I am blogging from the iPad and I'm not a huge fan of the app. But I wanted to update since I haven't in a while.  
Here are just a few pictures from the last 3 weeks.