Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dressers are heavy espically to a toddler

About a week ago Emmalynn was laying down for her rest and i was opening a package we had gotten in the mail. I was glad that she was quite and  had my lunch in the oven and the all of a sudden i hear a crash that sent me running to her room. My sweet little girl had managed to pull the dresser on her self. It took all the strength i had to get it up enough to get her out and a phone call to my brother to have him stand it back up. She had no injury's other then a black eye and a few other bruises from the stuff on the top of the dresser falling on her head. A few of her toys were under the dresser on the ground holding it about 4inches off the ground i know this was her saving grace and had she not made a mess before pulling the dresser on her self I am sure that she would have been hurt. We have since anchored the dresser to the wall and am only writing this now because I don't want any other mother to go through the fear I experienced because we didn't think about attaching the dresser to the wall. Empty Emmalynn dresser is 115lbs(empty and it was full) she is 30lbs so i know it could have hurt her badly.

Mother, Aunts, Grandmas, or anyone with a toddler in you life please urge parents to anchor heavy stuff to the wall. We used these .
helping anchor the dresser to the wall:)

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