Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tantrums and How I Handle them

Bug is a little over 2 and can throw some wicked Tantrums. Here is what i do to prevent them and stop them.

This works well when i can see a fit coming. at home i often distract her with a favorite toy, Music or by being silly. When we are out its a little more difficult and i keep a stash of suckers in the bag they are a great distraction.
Stay Calm and Speak Calmly
This is one i often have trouble with but i have found that if im not staying clam and speaking calmly to her then her fit escalates.
Get down to Child level
I do this anytime i need to have her attention. I get down on my knees and have her look at my nose. By doing this i am not intimidating her by towering over her. This allows us to communicate more efficiently therefor resulting in less tantrums.
Give her a break
When she has gotten cranky or is overwhelmed she is more apt to throw a tantrum so if i give her a small break either in her room or in a quite place with a book and a blanket she is able to calm her self down and act correctly.
I use this before and during tantrums. I count to 5 but rarely get all the way to 5 because bug has learned that if i am counting then she needs to stop what she is doing
Time out
This has became a huge help in out house if i have tried everything else and she is still not calming down then i out her in time out and she stands in the corner for 2 minutes this is normally enough time for her to calm down and stop her fit. 
Remind them that you love them
After a tantrum i will talk to Bug and tell her that i love her very much but she was being naughty and that's why she had to take a break or stand in time out

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