Sunday, January 4, 2015

2014 Wrap up

2014 was a year of challenges and growth
My mom was diagnosed with 2 types of cancer a few weeks after I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. This was after she has surgery to remove a tumor as well as full hysterectomy just 4 days before my due date and 10 days before my newest child came into the world.
My husband was with out work for 3 months and we struggled in every way possible during that time.
It was a challenging year for me both physically and mentally. Struggled with my health while I was pregnant and then with postpartum depression after I had my son.
My 4 year old started preschool and because of her allergies and modified diet that started as a struggle. She has also had a hard time adjusting to being in school 2 days a week.
I watched friends and family struggle emotionally, physically, and financially. Often being powerless to help.
I learned that even people who have been in my life for many year can be hurtful and need to be let go.
I have also learned that people who have just came into my life could become my best friend and be like family.
I have watched my small family grow and blossom. My baby girl went from being a sweet little toddler to a sassy and loud preschooler. My son has gone from bump to sweet newborn to active and loving 8 month old. It has been a joy watching my children grow and change this year.
I learned that my way is not the only or even the best way of doing things. But that it's okay to want to do stuff my way.
I learned to stand up for my self and tell people no and how I feel.
I have watched people I care about grow and change.
I made a wonderful friend who I can call on when I need and she is always there. She loves my children. She is has became a huge part of our lives and I can't imagine our lives with out her.

In all my year was great and I am looking forward to 2015 as I continue to watch my family and friends grow and change. I know we are looking forward to a great year.

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