Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Goal update

Read 4 books a month for a total of 48 books this year.~ I have read about 20 books this year so not quite 4 a month but still pretty good.
Sew for myself not just the children~ I haven't been sewing at all this year with my health problems  because of being pregnant.
Eat more healthy, make more meals at home and eat out less.~ We have eaten a lot more at home lately and not as much out. 
Have a weekly family game night~we haven't been having game night but we have been having a family day every week so I am happy with that.
Don't stress the small stuff~ this has been hard with my mom being diginosied with ovarian cancer and not doing chemo. 
Spend more time disconnected from electronics~I have been spending a ton of time on my phone an iPad with exclusively breast feeding Lucas I have a lot of time that I am just sitting. 

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