Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Lucas James birth story

On Thursday night the 24th I started having contractions but since I had een having prodomal labor that mainly happened at night I didn't think much of them. When I woke up at 3am on the 25th I was still having them I went back to bed and kept waking up because of contractions they were about 3.5 minutes apart at 9 am. Then around 11:30 they were 2.5 minutes apart and I was having a hard time breathing and concentrating through the contractions. So my husband came home from work around noon. We then headed to the hospital. My contractions were indeed about 2.5 minutes apart and strong but I was only dilated to 3cm so after a few hours they sent me home and told me they would see me later that night. After that my husband and I went to the mall and walked but I was in to much pain so we headed home we got home around 8pm and I got in the tub to help with the pain. I was in the tub until around 9:30. When I got put and moved to my bed. My husbands friend stopped by to check on us and then around 10:30pm I got back in the tub. At 11:30ish I got out again and say on the bed at midnight I told my husband we needed to head back to the hospital so we did. 

12:30 we arrived at the hospital
12:42 I was checked an at 5cms
12:50ish my water broke
My contractions were getting stronger but not any closer then 2 minutes apart.
The nurse's were trying to get an iv in but it never happened
Around130am the midwife asked if I felt the need to push and I said no
At 140 I had a contraction and felt the need to push but my midwife wasn't ready so she said to not to push but I couldn't help it and was pushing any ways
With my first push he started to crown and I got to reach down and feel his head.
With my 2nd push his head was out and my 3rd and 4th delivered his shoulders and the rest of his body. 
Lucas was born at 1:56am on April 26th 
He was 7lbs 12oz, 21.25in
I had a completely all natural med free labor and delivery excatly how I wanted it to be. 


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