Thursday, January 8, 2015

Smell the flowers.

It ocoured to me as I am sitting on the couch in the quite at 6:50am while my kids are asleep and my husband at work that we often get so busy with life that we stop noticing the little things. Have you stopped and smelled a flower lately. No I haven't and this may be because it's currently winter here and we have no flowers out side. But thinking back to spring and summer I don't think I ever stopped and smelled a flower growing in the yard. I know my daughter did and I'm sure it was when I was trying to get her into the car so I impaciently urged her to hurry up. Maybe I should have stopped and smelled that flower and asked my daughter why she had chosen it. We could have talked about the color and the fragrance it would have been a wonderful chance to teach her. But instead like we often are I was in a hurry. Has that ever happened to you?

Next time I want to slow down and take the time to teach my children about that flower. More then likely the going to the store can wait, We can be a little late picking daddy up from work, Or we can be only 10 minutes early to the dr. Just slow down, notice and appreciate the little things that in our busy fast paced world get forgotten about. Take the time to teach our children about these small things because if we don't they will never learn and those little things we did as a child we stop happening. You won't see a small child pick dandelions for mommy or grandma, or stopping to marvel at a ladybug on a leaf because they will have grown up in a fast paced world where we don't slow down to smell that flower.

Now I don't know about you but I want my children and grandchildren for that matter to still slow down and smell that flower or marvel at a lady bug. I Don't want them to lose the wonder that small children have. Just because out world has gotten fast paced and electonical based. No app is going to replace our children being outside touching and smelling that flower. They may be able to learn its name and color on your iPad but they will never be able to full experience it unless you take the time to slow down and let them smell the flowers, play in the mud and just be children they why they we intended to be. Growing up can wait in fact that trip to the store can wait. My children will only be small once.

So please stop and smell the flowers.

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