Sunday, March 24, 2013

Goals Update

I cant believe we are already 83 days into 2013. I have done pretty good on most my goals i set at the end of December. Here is a quick Update on how they are going.

1. Spend less time online
This has actually been pretty east for me I deleted the facebook app from my phone so I cant get on it during the day unless I get on the computer or ipad. I have also been limiting my line online after Emmalynn's in bed and spending more time reading.
2. Eat healthier
My goal wasn't to lose any weight but by gutting soda and most junk food out i am down 20+lbs and couldn't be happier about that. I have more energy and just feel better most the time.
3. Start exercising more
With the weather being so crappy have struggled with this one. I cant wait for it to get warm so Emmalynn and i can play at the park and go on longer walks , and hikes.
4. Try to be more positive:)
This has been a little bit of a struggle because i have been having a really rough time with depression the last 2 months.
5. Read at least 30 books 100 Books

I now know that 30 books was not a realistic goal since at the end of February i had read 11 and so far in march added 14 so i am 5 away from my original goal. With that being said my new goal is to read  100 books before the end of the year.
6. Potty Train Bug 
This is still mainly on hold she has been wearing undies some and going a few times in the potty but we are no where near being funny potty trained.
7. Get rid of the clutter and things we don't need
I really need to work on this one. I have gotten rid of a few things but not nearly all of it
8. Blog More
This one has been a JOKE when not having a working computer for over a month and then being depressed I haven't blogged much at all
9. Do more preschool type activity's with Bug
We have done a few she is learning so fast its crazy:)
10. Start sewing for me and not just for Bug
I haven't sewn much at all lately i just haven't had the energy to do it:(

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